So… How much do you know about opera?

All the Great Operas in 10 minutes

God humor… Canadisk Terry Gilliam-style animation.

Især Nibelungens Ring (5min50sek) er meget fin – eller er det bare fordi Siegfried er den seneste opera jeg har set?

“The Ring of the Nibelung is actually more of a miniseries ’cause it’s four full operas.

These girls in a river have this gold and this dwarf steals it and makes a ring from it. The head god Wotan gets the gold back but there’s a death curse on the ring and these two giants gets the gold and one kills the other and then turns into a dragon to guard it.

Wotan wants the ring so he decides his illegitimate human son Sigmund will get it for him. Sigmund meanwhile falls in love with his long lost sister Sieglinde. He picks a fight with her husband so Wotan gets Brünnhilde to protect him, then changes his mind and orders her to kill Sigmund instead. But she doesn’t want to so Wotan gets Sieglinde’s husband to kill him and then Wotan kills the husband too just for the hell of it. He punishes Brünnhilde by putting her to sleep on a mountain in a ring of fire.

Sieglinde has Sigmund’s baby Siegfried and she dies so the kid is raised by the brother of the dwarf who stole the gold because he figures Siegfried can get the gold back for him. Sure enough. Siegfried grows up, kills the dragon, drinks its blood, can suddenly understand birds, decides to keep the ring for himself, kills the dwarf and wanders off into the woods to find a wife. That’s where wives can be found I guess for there is Brünnhilde. He wakes her, they fall in love.

However, there’s this king Günther whose halfbrother Hagen wants him to marry Brünnhilde and wants her halfsister Gutrunde to marry Siegfried. Hagen’s father was the dwarf who started this whole mess, so this is just another plot to get the ring which Brünnhilde now has. Because of a love potion Siegfried falls in love with Gutrunde then takes the form of Günther, gets the ring back and claims Brünnhilde for Günther’s bride. Brünnhilde is a little peaved over this and tells Hagen that Siegfried’s protective spell doesn’t cover his back. Hagen kills Siegfried and then kills Günther too. Brünnhilde grabs the ring back and throws herself onto Siegfried’s burning funeral pyre. The river maidens fight with Hagen over the ring and pull him down to drown him. The flames from the fire spread to Valhal and all the gods die too. The end.

Check list:

Magic spells | Theft! | Incest! | Adultery! | Murder!! | Suicide! | People on fire!”

(much applauding…)

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